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Glass fairytale of your home… What is it about? You won`t believe - about glass aprons for kitchen. And also about interior walls, doors, showers, tabletops, stairs and about many other such familiar and unexpectedly wonderful details of our interior. They are wonderful thanks to the amazing talent of Tiger masters, who turn ordinary objects into works of art.


Nowadays glass is deservedly at the peak of popularity. It easily fits into any interior, so it became a real boon for architects and designers. Hi-tech, baroque, rococo, modern or classic ... Whatever style you choose, the glass will complement and accentuate its best features. Glass refracts streams of light and expands the space, making it harmonious and emotionally positive. Almost any part of an apartment can be accentuated by glass decor - glass floor, furniture, tiles and friezes for bathroom and kitchen, mirrors, panels, wardrobes, bar stands and skinali (aprons for the kitchen), stained glass windows, ceilings, drawings... Glass can be combined with other materials – with wooden elements, gilded bronze, wrought and wickerwork products, steel and aluminum – all of this only underscore the fragility and ephemeral nature of glass. By the way, it is equally important that the art glass not only gives the interior luxurious, unique appearance, it is also very sturdy and practical. Indeed, thanks to modern technology the glass products are extremely strong and unique.


Domestic manufacturer of glass tiles and decors "Tiger" LLC offers its products throughout Ukraine in network of building supermarkets: "Epicenter", "Novaya Linya", "Oldi", "Keramholl", "Gassib" etc. Huge photo bank of designs lets you choose a color or design solution for every taste. Work also can be done for individual orders. Experts of the company will make professional measurements, design, engineering and development of glass structures, deliver and perform the installation of the product. "Tiger" will help to realize the most daedal whimsical fantasies in creating of stylish unique interior of your home



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